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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It's me again, Holly the AC techie guest blogging today! Since having a baby I have almost cared zero about looking cute. (Aside from attempting recently to get a "lob" haircut to try to remain edgy, but I won't go down that rabbit hole right now.)  Maybe the apathy is because my body now closely resembles a jello mold or maybe it's because a newborn just sucks out your give a damn. My idea of getting dressed up is changing into my "cute" jammies before my husband gets home so he can hopefully see a glimmer of the woman he once knew. I told him recently if we get rich enough for designer duds maybe I'll work harder on getting back my mojo. Nobody is motivated to lose lbs to squeeze into this season's Target romper. Shallow? Maybe, but he knew what he was getting into when he married this hot mess. In the mean time I have become completely obsessed with making my tiny human look as stylish as possible. While I stuff my jello belly into Gap yoga pants to leave the house, my baby girl is coming for you, North West. Each and every time. And lucky for me baby clothes are way cheaper than mommy clothes. I have included my fave baby girl looks of the moment below!  I'm not ignoring the boys, I just don't have one so I only troll the internet coveting lady baby fashion these days. But these retailers have tons of cute options for dude babies too so follow the links and look around!

Also for good measure I've included my fave Gap yoga pants with extra belly compression power - no joke they suck me right in around my mommy pooch and I love it. They somehow even give you a little inner thigh tuck. Who hates that? I know I don't!   And of course I couldn't leave out  the "cute" jammies I'm currently dressing up in. Extra Bonus - this jammy is super comf and great for maternity, birth, nursing, etc! 

Happy shopping!

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