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Sunday, July 5, 2015


Summer is the easiest season of the year to take date night looks to the next level, in my humble opinion. Light, breezy and a bit flirty is easy to achieve in just about any budget bracket. 
You know when you get something and you love it so much you want to tell everyone all about it? Well that's exactly what this post is all about, because I am obsessed with a little style revival that is going on in my closet right now.

First up, this new little number from Nasty Gal (yes, you read that right). 
Layers gone sexy here with this one. Fitted with a little room for error. 
And - it's on sale for only $75.
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Anthropologie is my serious go-to when I don't have much time to find just the right thing, because I know I will always find a great option. 
It seems like almost everything I get there wears well for years, keeps it shape, and is fairly timeless in the style department. 
When I found this adorable maxi, I knew I would wear it all the time and boy was I right!
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Have you all been to Banana Republic this season? I took BR off my radar a few years ago because it seemed like every season looked just like the previous season. 
Not this year, ladies. I LOVE so so many things in store/online right now. 
I am particularly obsessed my new ruffle dress.
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And this BR top I wear so much that it's starting to be embarrassing. 
Here they show it layered over a white collared shirt. Cute, but I prefer it over a cami. 
I love it paired with a pair of black tailored short (on the shorter side).
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Happy date nights, ladies!

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