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Friday, February 19, 2016

happy habitat by karrie kaneda

If you've been to our store in Dallas, you may have noticed some bright blankets adding color to the space. These blankets are from happy habitat by karrie kaneda, and they aren't just the adorable pop of color your home is begging for- they are made from recycled cotton, so they are environmentally friendly, too!

Karrie is the ultimate #girlboss- creative, intelligent, and downright business savvy- so we had to soak up some of her wisdom. Read the interview below to hear her story and get some awesome career advice:

 Tell us a little about yourself.

hey- i'm karrie. i design throw blankets made from recycled cotton. i like octopus, bubbly, pattern, my kids. not in that order. i don't like capital letters or negativity.

Describe your path to creating happy habitat. What obstacles did you come up against?

i landed as a blanket designer when i got laid off from my corporate job and didn't want to take another office job. i figured it was a sign to do something great and not settle. i wasn't sure what my passion was, but knew it would involve something creative and good for the earth. when i couldn't find a moroccan patterned throw, i thought i should make one. but knowing i don't have the patience or skills to craft something of good quality, i found someone else that's good at that.

obstacles included: flakey people, unethical people, scratchy blankets, trapezoid shaped throws, learning how to design stuff, learning html, learning seo (still don't know that), knowing when to say no and i'm still coming up against things every day.

What keeps you inspired in work and in life?

simple things- good food, good smells, sunny days, seeing a color combination i've never seen before. music. fashion.

What is the best career advice you've ever received? What about the career advice you would now give?

best advice- do one thing and do it well.

my advice- follow your own path. and stop talking about it and do it. do the hard stuff. do the stuff that seems stupid. and do it yourself. do the tedious stuff- it's those things that make the difference. 

What is your best home decorating tip?

it should always be about art.

This or that:
Early bird or night owl? work hard in the morning- play hard at night.
Coffee or tea? tea is for pussies.
Work from home or in the office? the word 'office' makes me sad. i work from home or the coffee shop.
Dog lover or cat lady? both, but i'm currently stalking a dog down the street. trying to convince his owners to let him come over and play with me.
Color or black and white? for me personally, black and white just because i work with color all day. but i'll gladly spread color for everyone else. 

Thanks for chatting with us, Karrie!

Be sure to check out happy habitat- your home will thank you!

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