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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

City + Sky

There's something about a city skyline...the sky-high buildings and the twinkling windows look like magic and create a beautiful image that is unique to every city. 

Allison and Courtney Edwards have captured that magic and made it wearable. Their company, City + Sky, makes gorgeous jewelry that features city skylines so you can wear and represent the town you love and everything that makes it special. Read on to learn all about City + Sky, including Allison and Courtney's story, inspirations, and advice. You never know- some of that magic might just rub off on you!

Tell us a little about yourselves.

We are Dallas-based twin sisters. Since little girls, we have always had a love of fashion, accessorizing and dressing the part- we get that from our grandmother. With age, we found a love for travel, the arts and enjoying the city life which led us to pursue our blog, Where Wear in the City. We focus most of our content on fashion, health, beauty, events, entertainment, culture and travel.

How did City + Sky get started? What inspired you to create pieces based on city skylines?

After much success with our blog, and years of writing under our belt, we wanted to create something that was focused around cities and we felt skylines were a good representation of a city. At that time, Dallas was voted best international skyline, which really put us on the map.

What obstacles did you encounter when starting this business? How did you overcome them?

Finding the right manufacturer that got our vision was really tough in the beginning. Lots of time and effort to get it right!

What are the best and hardest parts of running your own business? 

The best parts are showing our creativity, making new relationships, traveling, participating in various events and trunk shows, and the excitement of people wearing and asking about our jewelry. The hardest parts on the manpower and the amount of hours that go into it. We both still have our full time jobs, so we stay pretty busy, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

What is the best career advice you've received? What advice would you now give?

If you wanna achieve it, you gotta believe it- words of wisdom from our Dad growing up. If you truly have a passion for something, pursue it and don't give up!

This or that?
Early bird or night owl? Early bird gets the worm
Coffee or tea? Coffee all the way
Work from home or in the office? Work from home
Dog lover or cat lady? Dog lover
L.A. or New York? Both are unique in their own right, including their skylines!

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