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Friday, September 23, 2016

BE A SLOUCH : Tops that look great on everyone

I have covered this topic before, but it bears repeating as we head into a new season. 
Fall is my absolute favorite season for clothes. 
AC is based in Dallas, Texas, where summer seems to last When we see the first leaf drop we are headed to Starbucks for the pumpkin spice latte in our sweater and boots, regardless of the temp. 
Fall clothing is so much more comfy and forgiving that those of other seasons. 
My #1 fave? Slouchy sweaters. Can NOT get enough. So, since I can't get them all (or can I?) I am sharing them with you. I call it "spreading the love". 
Someone out there is saying "I'm petite - I need to wear fitted clothing only". Not true. You just need a wedge bootie and a skinny pair of jeans and you are set. 

My newest purchase and absolute obsession: this beauty. 
It's a bit pricy but worth every penny. So comfy and comes in 2 color options.
Paired with skinny jeans and a brown wedge bootie....done.
Click here to shop

A "little" collection of my other obsessions....

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