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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Swim Trend: The One-Piece

Happy Tuesday!! Today's post is about the latest swimwear trend - the one-piece bathing suit!! Of course bikinis will never go out of style, but with the one-suit trending now, it's brought about another good option for women.

One-piece suits started trending last summer and are back again this summer. Traditionally, when I think of one-pieces I picture the solid color suit I used to wear for swim team. Nothing fancy, no trendy details, and definitely not prints. I also pictured only moms wearing one-piece suits. Thankfully, all that has changed. One-pieces are colorful, have trendy cuts, and are worn by women of all ages from their 20s and on and body type doesn't matter!

I'm headed to the beach in a couple of days with my family and am so thankful that one-pieces are trending. As a young mom, I love that I can wear a suit that still makes me feel confident and attractive and yet I'm covered enough that I can run around with my toddlers on the beach and not have to worry about anything falling out. We've rounded up our favorites below, so happy shopping and be sure to let us know which one is your favorite!!

One-piece suits under $100

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