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Monday, January 26, 2015


Monday mornings are TOUGH! Our PR firm, Skirt, has generously put together a playlist to put a little pep in your step. Music helps make everything better. 

As implied in the title, this is a very sweet sounding song.
It is a bit softer than some of their other work,
so this is a great song to relax to.

Catchy doesn’t even cover it. This song has been gaining some traction
(hello, David Letterman) and we’re just waiting for it to establish
its position on the top of the charts.

Who doesn’t like an upbeat number every once in a while?
Listening to this song, especially during a winter commute,
puts a little pep in your step…and the music video is just as good
as the song thanks to some snazzy dance moves and
Bruno Mars rocking a pink suit.

It’s hard to pick which song from the sister trio is our favorite.
We can only imagine how good they would be live, so here’s
hoping they make their way back to Chicago soon!

We’re 99% sure Zach Braff either a) sold his soul to The Shins
or b) actually is The Shins. Homeboy loves a good Shins diddy,
and this one from his 2014 film “Wish I Was Here” is a total gem.

This song is perfect for a
movie montage.

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