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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Hi AC fans! I'm Holly,one of AC's techies, and I am so happy to be guest blogging today on the AC Scoop! Mainly because I get to talk about our breast accessories - something weighing heavily on my mind lately. Pun intended. 
I'm a new mom of a 2 month old which in itself has me very aware of my boobies on a daily basis. I also moved from Dallas to Dubai in 2013, opening my eyes to tatas from all cultures. This led me to discover that we are suffering from a worldwide epidemic of TBS: terrible bra syndrome! Big, small, black, white or brown, perky, saggy or downright deflated, every grown woman should know how to sling up those puppies properly. 
Now, I have no right to judge another woman's breast friends because nursing my sweet little babe has planted me firmly into the tennis balls in tube socks category. But I was lucky enough to learn at an early age the power of the perfect over the shoulder boulder holder. I think one of the biggest mistakes anyone with chesticles can make is underestimating the amount of support they need! Some with biggun’s think “oh man, I can’t dare use a push up or I’ll surely topple over.”  Those with the small nuggets think they can flaunt those little lima beans with no brazierre or consequence. I firmly stand by the opinion that SIZE DOESN’T MATTER! We can all benefit from a good, supportive bra that enhances, lifts and perfectly shapes our breast accessories. 
Lucky for you I have found the PERFECT bra for all melon shapes and sizes. And you can get it at GAP, yes GAP. Who knew?! To hell with Vicky’s Secret, I’m done trying to get that B to spill her guts. Because my comfy, cozy, neighborhood GAP is all I need. It has been my go to for years and it’s time to share. 
Check out the magic HERE and I promise you won’t find one more perfect for you, no matter your level of boobaliciousness. To make it even more's on SALE!
Do not be fooled or scared by the use of the word "pads" in the description. These aren't your grandmas bras and it's purpose is not to turn you into Pamela Anderson. A little bit of extra support is about SHAPE, not size! Turtleneck or J.Lo at the Golden Globes – you deserve to look and feel your best and celebrate your womanhood! And for those of you with pre-baby, store bought or just naturally awesome boobies? High five yourself. Then go buy this bra anyway because it will take your already rockin’ cleavage to the next level.

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