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Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's Time for an Upgrade

It's time to face the music - you're an adult. Okay, maybe you've been an adult for a while now...and if that's the case, shouldn't your things should reflect that? After all, awesome, powerful women deserve high quality, classy things. Check out four things in your life that are probably overdue for an upgrade. Besides, adulthood is the perfect excuse to get some new, well made goodies. Hey, one part of being a grown up should be fun, right?

Just a Spritz

If you're still using Bath & Body Works body splash, it's time to get a real signature scent. Not only does real perfume last longer, but these bottles look gorgeous sitting on your counter. Dab a little behind your ears and you'll never feel classier.

Between the Sheets

Generally we think real pajamas are for queens and fairy tale characters, but these lounge options are just the right upgrade to the ratty t-shirt you normally wear to bed. Trust us - making coffee in these duds will make your morning feel far more luxurious. You're the queen of your household, after all.

Intimate Apparel

Seriously - pretty bras make a difference. They make you feel beautiful and basically get you bonus points in #adulting. Plus, we're willing to bet you're in need of a bra that isn't saggy, stained, or falling apart at the seams. These will give you that little spring in your step you've been missing.

Keep the Change

Everyone needs a big girl wallet. If your wallet has seen better days or - say it isn't so - has velcro, it's time to step it up. You bring this thing with you everywhere - shouldn't it look nice?


Congratulations! You are four steps closer to figuring this "adulthood" thing out.

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