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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring House Update - Simply & Cost Effective!

What is it about a change in weather that makes you want to completely redecorate your home? It seems like every time the weather gets warm i want to change out my lamps, get a new rug, etc., and then the same thing happens again when it starts to get cold in the Fall.

Over the past couple of years I've learned that instead of squelching this desire altogether or spending tons of money redoing a room, there can some middle ground. Updating your smaller home decor, those little accents in each room is an easy and cost effective way to help your rooms and your home transition with the seasons.

Some of the easiest things to change out happen to be some of the cheapest - things like your trinket trays or lamp shades. For example, replacing your trinket tray with this yellow one from Draper James would not only serve a practical purpose, but it would brighten your room. Another easy option would be to swap out your darker colored vases for a brighter, lighter colored one like this geo ceramic vase.

Best Home Decor to Swap Out on a Dime:

  • throw pillows
  • vases
  • trinket trays
  • succulents
  • picture frames
  • candles
  • throw blankets
Home Decor under $100:


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